Interview with Red Storm's Prince Arrington
- Associate Producer on Ghost Recon Advanced Warfighter -

June 2006

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With other press members of XCN (Xbox Community Network), we have been able to ask some questions to Prince Arrington, associate producer at Red Storm, about Ghost Recon Advanced Warfighter on Xbox 360, and particularly on the downloadable content called "chapter 2" available since 22nd June 2006 on the Marketplace.

Xbox Gazette : Which studio of Ubisoft is developing this “chapter 2” for GRAW ? And how many people are working on it ?
Prince Arrington : Red Storm Entertainment is developing all of the content for this DLC package and there are approximately 40-50 people involved in the production process.

Xbox Gazette : This new content seems to add a lot of new things for the multiplayer modes; but will you add some more “solo oriented goodies” in a hypothetical chapter 3 ?
Prince Arrington : Unfortunately, I can’t comment on that.

Xbox Gazette : Will you provide a patch too for the little problems encountered in the original GRAW ?
Prince Arrington : I can’t comment on that at this time, but I can say that we are actively looking at all of the known issues.

Xbox Gazette : Will there be some new maps in this downloadable content, or only some modified ones ?
Prince Arrington : There are 4 brand new maps and 8 modified maps. Based on how differently the modified maps play from the originals, I consider them all new maps.

XCN : What do you think about Xbox Live and the opportunity to share new content via Xbox Live ?
Prince Arrington : I’ve always loved this idea. The great thing about Xbox Live is that it allows you to eliminate the feeling that gamers feel once they’re done playing a game. Once everything is beaten and unlocked, then what? Being able to offer new content via Xbox Live allows us as developers to offer people who bought the game a little more than your normal game experience. It is also a great way for us to say “thank you”.

XCN : Why is it not possible to configurate the controller settings ?
Prince Arrington : In the Ghost Recon franchise on the Xbox, we’ve never given the option to configure every button on the controller. We’ve always offered 3 or 4 different controller configurations for players to choose from. The controller layouts are carefully and painstakingly designed to offer the most ergonomic and practical control scheme for the game. Perhaps in the future, this will be something that will get added.

XCN : Will bugfixes for the Main-Game come with the Add-on ?
Prince Arrington : Since bug fixes require data changes, they will need to be fixed in a title update. The DLC is designed to add more content to the existing game, not to actually change data.

XCN : There has previously been rumours that Ubisoft were planning an add-on pack for GRAW, is there any truth in this ? Are you able to tell us when it’s planned to release ?
Prince Arrington : I wish I could confirm or deny any rumors floating around right now…but I can’t.

XCN : Oh and before I forget has this game been developed by two different teams for online and offline modes and if so is the online team the people who did all the other ghost recon games ?
Prince Arrington : Yes. Single player and multiplayer were developed in different studios.
And yes, the team at Red Storm (responsible for all of the other Ghost Recon Xbox/PC titles) was in charge of the multiplayer development on Ghost Recon: Advanced Warfighter (Xbox 360).

XCN : What is the best new map you are proud of in the pack ?
Prince Arrington : It’s really hard to pick out one map that stands out as the best. They’re ALL exceptional and they all have their different strengths. The great thing about this pack is that depending on how you like to play the game, there is going to be a map that perfectly matches your style.

XCN : What are the new challenges that these new maps will provide ?
Prince Arrington : I think the new challenges will be learning how to play the relights differently than the originals. When the time of day changes, the strategies are going to have to change in order for people to be successful.

Xbox Gazette : Thanks a lot for your time and your answers !

The downloadable content "chapter 2" for Ghost Recon Advanced Warfighter is available on the Marketplace since June 22nd 2006. It weights 725 Mo, and costs 1200 Microsoft points (14.40 € or 22.80 CHF).

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Max73, Xbox Gazette, June 29th 2006

Thanks to : Prince Arrington, Red Storm Entertainment, Crissie Ricotta, XCN, Ubisoft